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Hello, my name is Grobi White.

I am a young german illustrator, based in Nuremberg.
I studied at the Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg, Germany and majored in illustration and graphic design.
Most of the time I draw my inspiration from everything: music, photographes in magazine, people, nature.

I am illustrating websites, magazines, postcards, t-shirts, posters,
book- and cd-covers, packaging, whatever you want ... Often I sell my work to advertising agencies and fashion- or trendmagazines.

Its for me a way to give people eye candy.
                           I love it!
Past clients include Freundin (DE), Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Rowohlt, Loewe (fashionlabel), My Gretchen (fashionlabel),,
Vrouw Magazine (NL), Image Magazine (IE), Libelle Magazine (NL), Margriet (NL), Dogs Department (NL), Olivia (PO), SingHealth (SG),
Her World Magazine (SG), Simply Her (SG), Nuyou (SG), Von Schöning PR, Naturana, Goldknopf, Elitesse, Scrollan,,, Maxi Magazine (Germany), Mexx (fashionlabel), Gardeur (fashionlabel), Vorn Magazine (Germany), Actilife (CH), Vivai (CH),
Compliment Magazine (AT), Wienerin Magazine (Austria), Gruner + Jahr, Heinrich Bauer CARAT KG,
Styria Medien AG (Austria), Eurowoman (DK), Mail on Sunday (UK), Fashionmagazine (CA),
KaDeWe (Germanys most famous departmentstore!!!)

Freistil 2+3, Lürzers Archiv 200 Best Illustrators worldwide 07/08